Apex Legends: Presented the anniversary gifts

Electronic Arts has announced the arrival of some gifts in Apex Legends to celebrate the anniversary of the game

Among the various shooter franchises developed in Electronic Arts studios, some inevitably continue to prevail over others. Battlefield 2042 is not achieving the expected success, and EA seems determined to make some kind of change to the new DICE title, also saying it is somewhat disappointed with the work of the development team. Not for nothing, in the past few hours three Star Wars games have been announced by the publisher coming in the next few years, but none of these would be inherent in Star Wars Battlefront, title created by DICE.

In their place, those who will take care of these new works will instead be Respawn Entertaiment, which is currently reaping the rewards of the enormous success of Apex Legends. And speaking of Apex Legends, the popular battle royale will soon blow out three candles to commemorate its third anniversary, and on the occasion of this event EA has announced the arrival of some gifts in Apex Legends, which will also include characters and themed packs.

What gifts will there be for Apex Legends' anniversary?

ISi will kick off the celebrations officially starting from February 8, extending in three weeks full of giveaways with different types of rewards. A total of 10 Packs will be released, divided into nine thematic Packs and one Legendary; Along with them, the Apex Legends anniversary gifts will also feature three characters: Octane, Wattson e Valkyrie. The latter will be permanently obtainable if redeemed in the week and they are dedicated, so if you are interested in receiving them, the official program has also been drawn up, which shows the dates on which these "gifts" will be donated.

Apex Legends: Presented the anniversary gifts

From February 8th to February 15th you will be able to redeem three themed packs, along with the Octane character; from February 15th to February 22nd you will be able to receive Wattson along with three other themed packs; from the 22 February to the 1 March Finally, it will be Valkyrie's turn, and to end the month with a flourish, in addition to the three themed Packs, a Legendary Pack will also be added. In case you find yourself having all three characters already, at least however, you will receive the various game packs for free.

Also in February there will also be the start of Season 12 of Apex Legends called Defiance, which will introduce Control, a new 9 vs 9 limited time mode. Changes will be made to Olympus and added another previously presented Legend character, named Mad Maggie. Finally, the trailer for this last season will be shown on January 27th, so there are only a couple of days left to see more details.

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