ADATA: celebrate 21st birthday with MERAVERSE

ADATA announces virtual events for its 21st birthday, celebrate and witness its latest products within the MERAVERSE

ADATA, module manufacturer DRAM high-performance products NAND Flash, mobile accessories, gaming products, electric thrusters e industrial solutions, announces today that it will host two virtual MERAVERSE events to celebrate the 21 birthday and to show the latest products ADATA is XPG.

Simon Chen, president of ADATA said:

The pandemic has changed the way we interact with each other and the integration of in-person and online communications will inevitably become an irreversible trend. As a result, we created MERAVERSE, an engaging and comprehensive experience that exemplifies our mission to innovate the future and the aspiration to make things better through technology.

Il WONDERFUL it's a virtual universe created to involve the world beyond distance and time limits. ADATA wants to offer consumers aengaging and interactive experience offering virtual events.

ADATA: celebrate 21st birthday with MERAVERSE

ADATA: first virtual event

Il first virtual event will coincide with 21st birthday celebrations, notes like ADATA Day. The event will feature an area where the birthday will take place and where visitors can play, win great prizes and enjoy special offers on products ADATA is XPG. Prizes to be won include the laptop XPG XENIA, storage devices, accessories XPG Mera limited edition, Amazon gift vouchers and more. In addition, the visitors who can get the scores taller in a yet to be revealed game they will have an additional chance to win a memory module DDR5 21st Birthday limited edition.

ADATA: celebrate 21st birthday with MERAVERSE

Second virtual event

Il second virtual event will present the latest ADATA and XPG products via templates 3D and animations and will be hosted by the brand ambassador XPG, MERA. Visitors will be able to walk freely with a field of view of 720% within the MERAVERSE and explore products, such as the new series ACE DRAM. The series DRAM low latency flagship was developed to meet the most demanding needs of creators e overclockers.

In addition, the event will also showcase the solid state drive series ADATA LEGEND Gen4 x4, including SSD LEGEND 960 and 850 PCIe4.0, which offer maximum performance respectively of 7400 MB / s and 5000 MB / s. The event will also showcase two limited edition ADATA 21st Birthday products, ACE DDR5 6400 e LEGEND 850. The two products feature the vivid and colorful artwork of the German pattern maker, Mister Fred, and will be produced in limited quantities of 500 pieces each.

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