Acer: introduces Aspire Vero

A spring dedicated to environmental sustainability with Acer Aspire Vero, available on the Spanish market

steel, announces market availability Spanish of laptop consumer Aspire True, which can be purchased both on Acer's e-commerce portal and on the market retail. PCs and peripherals True they share an approach in their design green which includes, among other things, the use of plastic materials Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) e the packaging recyclable.

I PCR are made with recycled plastic from waste materials from domestic, commercial, industrial and public facilities. Waste post-consumer represent the largest flow of waste materials in the world and any effort to reduce this flow reduces the impact of human activities onenvironment.

Since the sustainability concerns both the materials a product is made of and the way in which it is used and disposed of, Acer Vero devices are specially designed to be easy to disassemble, thus simplifying the repair and update processes as well as increasing the duration of their cycle of life.

Il laptop green Acer Aspire Vero

In addition to being a computer of great style, is a tangible example of Acer's commitment to greater sustainability. The choice of highlighting the "R"Ed"E“, Coloring them with yellow and bringing them back to contrary on the keyboard, recalls the principles of REduce, REuse, REcycle at the base of the device design.

The shell is composed of 30% da materiali PCR, which allow a reduction of 21% in emissions of CO2 related to the production of this component, while the choice not to use paints for its finishing reduces the negative impact of COV (volatile organic compounds). Also keys contain the 50% PCR, while the original 100% recyclable packaging can be used as a laptop stand.

Particularly careful planning helps to reduce the waste making both the product and its components easy to disassemble, repair, update e recycle. Last but not least, thanks to the new operating system Window 11, Aspire Vero is also incredibly simple to use. With a display IPS FHD da 15,6 inches recyclable al 99%, the device is based on Intel Core processors of eleventh generation and Intel graphics Iris Xé, thanks to which users can rely on high-level performance for the benefit of their productivity.

When the PC works on less intense loads, the new software VeroSense Acer offers users the ability to select a usage mode optimized for energy efficiency and longer battery life. Features such as connectivity Wi-Fi 6, a door USB Type-C and two doors USB Type-A facilitate a more reliable user experience, while technologies TrueHarmony e PurifiedVoice, with AI-based environmental noise reduction, allow you to make video conferences with audio crystalline.

Acer: introduces Aspire Vero

Acer Earthion

Il climax of more than a decade of work done by Acer in the field of sustainability is represented by the Earthion platform, which brings together the best contributions of the company, partners, employees and users in addressing with innovative solutions the challenges associated with the reduction of environmental impact.

To date the Acer Group has reached up the goal he had set for the 2020, reducing by 60% its carbon emissions globally. Acer is now actively working for stock up exclusively of energia produced from renewable sources by 2035.

Acer: introduces Aspire Vero

Prices and availability

Acer Aspire True It is available in Spain starting from a price indicative of € 799,00. Specifications, pricing and availability vary by regione in regione. For more information

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